The Internet and How It Is Related to Social Media

There are several popular social media sites nowadays and these are the websites with hundreds of millions of active users and even with billions with some of these. These are the internet websites where people can do live and real time interactions with other people globally, share pictures and ideas, or making interactive discussions, with friends, family, or anybody within their circle. I recently discovered a vibrant community on facebook discussing cosmetic surgery. The private community of plastic surgery addicts was surprising quite large and very active. They rant’d and raved about all the different plastic surgeons from beverly hills to malibu. Clearly facebook, obviously the most popular social media site, which has over a billion active users, and this number was registered in 2012 yet and still increasing is the best source for such vibrant vocal communities online. YouTube reached over a billion users in 2013, as data shows, and data also shows that this site is getting 4 billion views each day.

One can look at how powerful the internet as well as the social media networks are getting these days, and how it can influence people or their line of thinking. Adding to this is the wide availability of smart phones as well as Android tablets, where access of data from the social media networks can be done with much ease and also very fast. The convenience given by these tech gadgets have made access of the internet and the social media very easy to people.

These days, it can be seen that there are more people accessing the internet and the social media at much longer times, and this can be seen not only in the rich and first world countries but the newly developed countries and others , especially those in Asia. The wide availability of cheap smart phones and Android tablets contributed to this development in these countries.

The Impact of Internet and Social Media

Social media is the platform where people share their ideas, make comments about certain things, or just make social interactions with people, their friends and family, and practically all people they are in contact with. This cannot be done without the internet though, thus social media are the internet sites where these people make these interactions and connections with various people. Personal conversations and other interaction types are made through this platform, and there are many types of these interactions done. This can be through the social media sites, forums, and even the blog sites where comments and conversations can be made. Sharing of ideas, whether positive or not, are done in these social media sites, and it cannot be denied that there are also people of these types, who have nothing positive to share in their minds.

The development of this technology did not just happen with one pop and burst, and it took several years before this came into this world. First, the computers were invented and developed and then after several years, the internet came. It first came as the “dial up” which attained popularity in the 80s until the mid 90s. In the mid 90 the World Wide Web became very popular, with millions of servers inter-connected and also with millions of websites. This became ultimately the internet, with the major search engine networks offering their services.

The social media came after this, with some social media sites getting several hundreds of millions of users, and these people making connections worldwide. The growth of the social media became unstoppable, with some of these sites getting hundreds of millions of active users, and still gaining users daily.

What Internet And Social Media Have Given To The World

This magic called internet has given us a lot of things that has benefited the whole world through the years. Since the dawn of the internet and how it was widely used by everyone around the world, it has connected everyone and now it is like we can’t live without it. Well for the old generation they can live without it but for the generation who got caught with the wave of this great popular tool, it is like something that they should always be hooked on. Now it has also produced another rather addictive item that all of us are hooked in too which is social media.

Internet and social media are two items that most people that live in this world right now can’t live without. The internet is a gateway for us to find new worlds, new places that you could not go yourselves. The internet has paved the way for us with their connection. This has been improved through the help of social media. Social media is a means of creating your own profile in the internet and letting everyone know who you are and what you do in life. From there almost every type of function has been added in like making albums for your digital pictures, making discussions, reading the latest news and many more. In a whole, these two are now vital to the new generation today since they supply them with almost every kind of information a person would want.

How to Use Social Media to Increase Your Business Profits

A lot of people are now into online stuff. Regardless of age, people are now registered on different types of social media and networking. This fact is given much consideration by people involved in small and big businesses which is why they come up with websites, social pages, and any more to reach out to their target market. Since social media is not a great hit, a lot of people running different kinds of business use this medium to reach out and distribute their products and services to the public. All of these activities are done simply for one same purpose: to increase business profits.

Social media is initially used for personal expression. A person creates a Facebook account or a personal blog online just to express their disappointments, excitement, feeling of love, and other suppressed emotions. But because the web has become a good place to hang out and vent out, a lot of people are now spending much of their time surfing the net, chatting with friends, and posting statuses and tweets to get attention from other people. These changes and current movements should not be taken for granted by people involved in whatever kinds of businesses. One specific sector is Healthcare, with more competition coming due to government breakup (obamacare) social media is critical for deep customer/patient engagement. One example of an oncology practice that treats patients with massive stroke has found that simple twitter status updates related to symptoms of stroke built goodwill and followers.

More people means more money and if the net is the place where they should meet halfway, so be it. So as a businessman or a head of a marketing and sales department, what is the ideal thing to do to increase sales? If you opt to use social media, how do you use it to increase business profits? Obviously, you can use social media to become popular. Popularity is the key to become the talk of the town. And once you become one, it’s easier to attract more customers and more customers would mean higher profit. To increase business profits, one should start with a website. Draft a very good content for your site and include it on some relevant search directories online. You can also create Facebook pages or twitter accounts to get more attention from different markets. Creating a YouTube account and posting some attractive yet very informative video is also an ideal way to attract people who are not into words but more into images and presentations. You can also create some blogs that discuss about your products and services to further give your target market a good and clear idea about you and your company. As soon as a lot of people are aware of what things you can offer and how good your company is, it’s easier to satisfy and keep them.

YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and websites are just few of the most talked about social media nowadays. You can make use of these channels or pick some that would best work for you and your business. At the end of the day, it’s all about being popular. When I was in los angeles a web design company gave a real thoughtful presentation on the dangers of relying to much on social media. They said that the ROI on facebook and youtube was typically much lower than search engine marketing – but consumer engagement was richer and more subtle. So choose your marketing spend wisely. Once you get all the attention you need, you will have no way but up.

Using Social Media to Promote the Business

Establishing a presence is what should be done to a business and this can be done efficiently if you have an online presence. Whether your business is the traditional business or you have this online, having a presence on the net will add to this success. If you will note, the biggest brands in business are on the net, and they are doing this even if they have already attained success. Getting popular on the internet will get you a name and a brand that will be exclusively your own. This may not be easy to do though, but there can be no regrets if you do this, especially if you attained the success that you aimed.

If the products that you have are not getting the attraction that these need and you are not getting success, probably because these are not getting known to people. You are not making money out of your products because people do not know that your products exist. Having these online will help in creating awareness, and the social media will be of big help in this regard. If you will note also, the biggest brands are also in the social media even if they are already very popular. The social media is where business can have a live interaction with their clients and customers. This is also where they can get potential feedbacks regarding their products.

The social media is where many people will go to and they do this on a daily basis. The popular social media sites have hundreds of millions of active users, and who knows, you’re present and future customers may be on these social networks also. Being on the social media will give you good chances of actively conversing with your customers, whether these are your present ones or they are potential customers. Creating a fan page on Facebook or having lots of followers on Twitter should be what you aim to do.

Creating a video about your products or your business can also be what you need to do. Posting creative and unique videos on YouTube can be the potential viral video that you need. The biggest brands are also doing this, despite the success they are getting. The social media sites are acknowledged by big businesses to be of big help in their success. They do this to preserve their present stature and also their reputations. If they get negative reviews and comments, the social media can also be the place to help them restore there good reputations back and they can do this very effectively.

Promoting your business through the social media can be a hard task to do. It can also be like having your business promoted through the traditional online methods, which can also be daunting. While you can post ads on Facebook, there are also other ways where you can effectively promote your business through this highly popular social networking site. However, you have to do this just like socializing, because this is what the social media is about. One of main functions of any social media is getting the word out on health issues and guides on social ills such as kidney stones.

Internet and Social Media

It can be said that most businesses nowadays are already online, and it is not only a case of striving for popularity but to get success. If one will observe, all of the big brands in business are on the web and on the social media sites. This is recognizing the capabilities of the social media to make a business successful, if they are online. Along this line, a business should have an online website that should be informative and useful for all users who are searching for products useful to them. To make your brand well known is possible, and you can do this when your business is online and on the social networks. One byproduct of sitting in front of the machine and surfing the internet is backspasms and the pain associated with that check this out.

If you have products to sell, why not put them on the net, or make these products well known through the social media sites? If your products are not experiencing sales, probably you are just relying on the traditional selling methods. This has limited coverage and on the internet, you will make your products known to a lot of people, more than the number of people who will get to know what your products are, when this is done the traditional way. Get an online site for your business and get social through the social networks, and you will see your business grow.

If your business has no online presence, you will experience only a limited success, especially if your product is still not known. Getting known can be done, especially if you are on the social media sites in the internet. Being on the net and on the social media is creating awareness for the products you have, and it is like saying to the outside world that you have arrived, and your product is here for people to avail. Have a fan page, or be in a group in the social networks and this is creating this awareness, and is just like advertising your brand on the net.

Any kind of product or service can be effectively made known or establish a presence if this is done through the internet. Just make your website content that effective and of the right quality, in order to achieve this purpose. Although it may not be that easy, but you can do it, just like all other people have done it. You can even have possibilities that your contents will go viral and attain this success. Make a video, what is it about your product or your services, and you may get lucky and have viral success on the social media.

The social media is a very good way to become popular in the internet. You can establish your brand here, and make your products or services known and popular. However, there are also things that you have to take care, like if you have already thousands of fans and followers, these people may not be those relevant to your niche. Make efforts to get those relevant ones, to make your efforts that successful. Also make efforts to protect your online reputation, because competition may also make efforts to destroy whatever you have efficiently built.

Try Facebook for Marketing Your Business Quick and Easy

It can be very easy to promote your business now, no matter if it is online or offline. You simply need to have an online site that’s informative and very reliable for your customers and clients to visit and go to for orders. Yes, it is so easy to put up a site now and you can easily ask your kid to come up with one but the challenge is on promoting the site. This takes time and a lot of wit to do the trick. Social media is one of the best ways to go when you want to market the site where your products or services are on display for the world to see. Among the leading social media sites, Facebook is the most popular. With over 600 million users to date, you can say that even just a fraction of that volume would mean huge sales for your company. This is true even if only 50% tend to log on to the site every day.

That is why you have you to make your brand known to as many people as possible. The smartest way to do it is to set up tables to peddle your wares in places where there are many people. Of course, these are not just ordinary people but those people who are into the kind of products or services that you are selling.

You should know also that members of the site don’t just check and communicate with their friends and loved ones on the site. They also communicate with large firms and companies that offer different products and services. This means that Facebook can be the best way to deepen your ties with your current customers and also a good way to hook some prospective ones.

Some of the things that you have to consider in promoting your business in Facebook are to set up your own Facebook page, and to create your own Facebook group in the site. The Facebook page is a great means to add more credibility and professional image to your own business. You simply have to work on growing the number of fans for the page. This is like adding more to your customer base. Another good thing to come up with on Facebook is your own Facebook group. In this way you can post a single message about your business for all the customers to learn about it. You also have a convenient way to gain some feedback and comments from your customers. This is indeed a good way to make your business even better and to make sure that you are communicating with your customers all the time.

With Facebook, you can also create various landing pages for your customers. There should be one for new members to like your page while another one is for the old members to know any updates and news regarding your business. This is a good way to keep their interest going for your business, all these done without spending too much.

How to Market Your Handcrafts Business Online

You’ve got crafts to sell, and they’re awesome. How come you’re not making money from them? Chances are, you have not taken advantage of online marketing for your business, and all its accompanying tools.

Let’s say you have a handcrafted jewelry business, and you want to make people aware that it exists. What do you do?

For starters, recognize if there is already an existing market for your kind of business online. If it does, check it out and do a bit of research to see if it is thriving, and if you’re up for a lot of competition. This will help you come up with a unique approach to sell your wares and see the bigger picture as to how long you can sustain your online business.

If you can afford it, buy a domain with your store’s name as the site name. This will give your products instant recall and it will be easier to look for your online store once your jewelry start making a name for themselves. If you can’t afford your own site yet, take advantage of free blogging sites like WordPress to start with. There are a lot of templates you can choose from, and you can tweak the settings to come up with a more personalized and customized look that will go with your wares.

You can customize the site to look like a virtual brochure where clients can pick out the designs they want. Or you can make it look like a virtual tour of your workshop. Add lots of interesting pictures so people can have an idea of what goes on behind your craft. A lot of customers like a bit of history with their finished product, so take advantage of that curiosity. It’s always vital to keep your site update because it will make people aware that you’re always working on something new for them.

If you’re going to be transacting online, bear in mind that you have to be committed to checking out your site regularly because it’s not nice to keep customers waiting for answers. Also, you must have a reliable shipping service that will deliver the goods to clients on time. This will pave the way for satisfied, and hopefully returning, clients who can promote your online business for you without you asking them to!

You can also participate or sign up in an online crafts forum or gallery. Etsy and Multiply are good examples. You can think of them as a virtual crafts bazaar or mall where you can check out other people’s wares. This way, if you aren’t too confident about how to price your products, you can use others’ pricing schemes as a gauge for your own. The beauty of these sites is that your wares can be instantly categorized so anyone looking for hand crafted jewelry has a big likelihood of stumbling upon your stuff.

The downside of this is of course, the competition. While handmade jewelry pieces can be considered one-of-a-kind, the handmade jewelry niche is by no means a unique one.

Creating an Online Buzz for Your Biz

business that has no online presence may as well pack up and quit being a business. These days, there is no reason for a business owner, even the humblest of start-ups, to NOT use the Internet to raise awareness for a product, service, or idea.

Take social networking sites, for instance. Pages, groups, and accounts are devoted to trying to sell new products and services every day. Since these sites take up a sizable chunk of the average Internet user’s time, it’s safe to predict that putting up a page or account for your business will get the attention of Netizens one way or another. You just have to know the right tools and methods to gain more views, Likes, Followers, and the kind of attention from Netizens long enough to keep them hooked on what you’re selling.

Micro blogging is also a great modern tool to promote your business online. Blogging is, of course, quite awesome in itself, but Twitter is a very effective way to stick to a conversational tone using not more than 140 characters per Tweet so you can make people aware of what you have to offer. The conversational tone part is important…otherwise you run the risk of sounding like an infomercial gone viral.

Speaking of viral, member-submitted videos on Tube sites have pretty much established how effective these online tools are at creating a buzz for just about ANYTHING: events, causes, new programs, products, talent, services, ideologies, etc. Whether the messages are good, bad, uplifting, enlightening, depressing, entertaining, annoying, anger-inducing, informative, or what-have-you, videos have become powerful forms of media to make people sit up and notice. Imagine what they can do for your business.

Then there are the online “malls” like Multiply, eBay, Amazon, and other similar ones which are devoted expressly for online selling. You know you are up against a lot of competition, but if your product or service is truly unique and has the potential to make lives better, then you shouldn’t worry about anything (except, of course, using the proper tools for selling online—more on this later). The beauty of these “virtual stores” is that people can find you easily if your product or service is what they are looking for. You can choose how to categorize what you are selling, and place tags or keywords to refine the search some more.

But the most important virtual tool that can help you promote and sell your product, service, or idea? Constant UPDATES. You may have several online accounts, IDs, forum handles, virtual stores, blogs, videos, etc., but if you don’t update, then you don’t stay relevant. Keep your online presence as dynamic as you would your real life one, and people will notice what you have to offer them.

The Three V’s of Effective New Media Marketing

Any product, idea, or service can become ripe for the picking with the proper use of new media marketing. There are so many ways to get it right…and so many ways to get it wrong, as well. To help you get started, we will discuss the three V’s which can help you on the path to using social media to your advantage, and to get people to notice your product, idea or service.

V #1: Go viral.
Batman Viral marketing 08

Memes, viral videos, and other forms of things that get shared to infinity can REALLY help your product, idea, or service get noticed in a major way. Create a buzz for your biz by taking advantage of all that social media sites have to offer. The great thing about these sites is you are no longer bound by geographic and other previously insurmountable limitations. You can reach MORE people by using a free account and creating something memorable with it.

A reminder, though: don’t become a spammy online business person. If you have something great to offer, word of mouth can help you make it known. Avoid spamming people with what you have to offer, or you’ll end up with a product or service people will be eager…to shun.

V #2: Make a video.

You cannot belittle the power of user-submitted videos. So many have proven that the audience for “Tube” sites and other streaming video accounts is huge, and the response to great video clips is almost instantaneous and nothing short of phenomenal. If talents can be discovered on Tube sites and launched into stardom, think of what they can do to your business. You can come up with a creative marketing pitch, or ask loyal and satisfied customers to give you an online testimonial. Either way, the objective is to make your product or service unforgettable.

V #3: Verbalize like crazy.
A D\'Arcy Inspired History of Blog

If you are excited about what you have to offer and have a LOT to say about your product or service: VERBALIZE it. Start a blog around it and keep it updated. If you are SEO-savvy (more of this in later posts), take advantage of the power of blogging and keywords to keep your product or service in the first pages of top search engines. Be as creative as you can get, and soon people will take notice of what you have to offer.