The paper, the ink, the printer … there are many cats derived from printing that have to face an SME. Luckily there are solutions such as a multifunctional photocopier, which unifies fax, printer, copier, scanner … in a single machine, which in addition to saving space, reduces the cost by combining the features and functionalities of four devices.

The use of paper is another of the expenses that every company must have within its budget, so it is essential to take into account when it becomes necessary to use professional paper when printing and when you can save using a cheaper one.

Today we are going to try to establish guidelines that allow you to maximize your paper investment to the maximum. Pay a lot of attention.

When to use an economic role for your company

This type of paper is recommended for the internal use of the company. They serve when printing small texts, when you want to record different data or when you want to pass information between various departments. For these cases you can choose to use two types of paper:

Low weight. It tells us the quality of the article. As you will know more weight more quality and higher cost, so if you intend to save in your paper expense item will be enough to have one of less thickness.

Recycled paper. It is undoubtedly an essential source of savings if we use this type of paper in the office, but remember that only used for internal consumption or may not give the best impression to your audience.

It is recommended that to speed up the work and save time, we have a printer with several paper trays, placing on a paper of more inferior quality and another article of better quality. This way, you will avoid sending documents of low quality by mistake to customers, suppliers or other companies.…

It is an asset that you must exploit before your clients, and therefore you must understand it more than as an expense, as an investment that will return with the increase in your profits. This is your cover letter when sharing information about a product that a client has asked you to make a portfolio of work, etc. and therefore it must be of the highest possible quality.

Sometimes durability is what is most valued in a paper. For example, if it will be outdoors (posters) or if it contains information of maximum importance. In all these cases we must guarantee that the inks will be fixed to the paper and that they will not end up by becoming discolored, making the writings illegible.

Even with everything, if it continues to cost you to adjust the budget, you must know that you do not have to include this type of paper in all the pages of a document. Reserve it for those that include graphics, images, covers and in summary, all those pages that are usually the most consulted.

As you have seen, the smartest thing when optimizing paper spending is knowing what use we are going to give it. Search among the wide range available in the market that which best suits your needs.

Print Management Solutions

November 21, 2018 | Printer | No Comments

How Managed Print Services Cuts the Cost Of Office Printing

Companies have increasingly embraced the use of managed print services to handle their print jobs, and it’s easy to understand why. It has been shown that print management can reduce printing costs by up to 35% thus increasing companies saving.

We live in a fast-paced digital world where advancement in technology is rapid. The dynamics of the digital world coupled with the volatile business environment may prove tough for businesses to keep up with. There are just so many processes to handle and to keep the company running, that spike overhead costs making sticking to budgets strenuous. Printing tasks should not be one of them.

By seeking the services of a technology company for your print management and document solutions, you reduce the expenses associated with printing while lessening the burden on your IT department. The following are ways in which managed printing services cuts the costs of office printing.

1. Constant monitoring and maintenance of equipment

Unforeseen breakdowns and stalling of printing equipment result in interruption, time wastage and extra expenses incurred in troubleshooting and repair. This can significantly affect a company’s revenue and lead to unplanned spending.

A managed print service provides regular monitoring of the office printing systems, ensuring they are in top shape. Constant assessment ensures that problems are identified and solved before they get out of hand. This helps reduce the costs of repairs as there are no extra charges for this maintenance

2. The use of new technologies

Using outdated printing and document management technologies in a world where innovations keep coming up is a sure way of increasing your overhead costs. You will have to deal with constant repairs, due to wear and tear, as well as extensive paperwork which hurts your company’s budget.

Print management provides you with new technology and advanced equipment for your printing needs. These may vary from ink, printers, scanners and copiers. The use of up to date technologies reduces production costs and improves your company’s savings.

3. Digital document management

A lot of paperwork means a lot of money spent on printing papers and ink. It doesn’t help that 7% of documents are lost, and most of the documents generated are never really used.

Print managed services provide document solutions that include storage, editing and production. By digitising document management, less is spent on paperwork. The risk of losing documents is reduced as records are kept safe by backup systems and cloud storage.

The time that could have been spent in looking for lost documents can then be used in more productive activities that earn extra company revenue.

4. Provision of customised print solutions for companies

When it is the responsibility of a company to handle all its print tasks, it is easy to make decisions that may end up inflating its expenses. It is easier to make decisions from the point of limited knowledge which may compromise the quality of production and jeopardise workflow in the long term.

Print management services are provided by a team of experts who are informed about client needs. This helps cut the costs that may arise from making uninformed decisions concerning your printing needs. The assessments of a company’s technological needs, putting into consideration its financial ability is an important step in the provision of office printing solutions. This ensures that you are provided with the best equipment that meets your company’s needs without breaking a bank.

5. Leveraging on networks for economic bids

Every company aims to minimise its expenses. Scouting for high-quality printing equipment yet planning to spend less can be expensive. It does not only cost you money, moving from one place to another waste a lot of time.

Outsourcing print management gives you the privilege of solving your office printing needs through access to equipment you would otherwise not afford. Providers of managed print services take advantage of their networks and connections to acquire printing equipment that fit your company’s needs and still remain economical

Companies are provided with cost-effective devices that they would otherwise not afford due to financial constraints. This cuts the costs that would have otherwise been incurred by managing your print jobs yourself.

Unpredictable economic trends and uncertainty of the markets is enough reason to practice conscious spending to keep your financials in check. Contact a managed print service provider today to help you minimise your office printing costs as you channel your concentration to achieving your major business goals.…