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It is an asset that you must exploit before your clients, and therefore you must understand it more than as an expense, as an investment that will return with the increase in your profits. This is your cover letter when sharing information about a product that a client has asked you to make a portfolio of work, etc. and therefore it must be of the highest possible quality.

Sometimes durability is what is most valued in a paper. For example, if it will be outdoors (posters) or if it contains information of maximum importance. In all these cases we must guarantee that the inks will be fixed to the paper and that they will not end up by becoming discolored, making the writings illegible.

Even with everything, if it continues to cost you to adjust the budget, you must know that you do not have to include this type of paper in all the pages of a document. Reserve it for those that include graphics, images, covers and in summary, all those pages that are usually the most consulted.

As you have seen, the smartest thing when optimizing paper spending is knowing what use we are going to give it. Search among the wide range available in the market that which best suits your needs.