The paper, the ink, the printer … there are many cats derived from printing that have to face an SME. Luckily there are solutions such as a multifunctional photocopier, which unifies fax, printer, copier, scanner … in a single machine, which in addition to saving space, reduces the cost by combining the features and functionalities of four devices.

The use of paper is another of the expenses that every company must have within its budget, so it is essential to take into account when it becomes necessary to use professional paper when printing and when you can save using a cheaper one.

Today we are going to try to establish guidelines that allow you to maximize your paper investment to the maximum. Pay a lot of attention.

When to use an economic role for your company

This type of paper is recommended for the internal use of the company. They serve when printing small texts, when you want to record different data or when you want to pass information between various departments. For these cases you can choose to use two types of paper:

Low weight. It tells us the quality of the article. As you will know more weight more quality and higher cost, so if you intend to save in your paper expense item will be enough to have one of less thickness.

Recycled paper. It is undoubtedly an essential source of savings if we use this type of paper in the office, but remember that only used for internal consumption or may not give the best impression to your audience.

It is recommended that to speed up the work and save time, we have a printer with several paper trays, placing on a paper of more inferior quality and another article of better quality. This way, you will avoid sending documents of low quality by mistake to customers, suppliers or other companies.

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